The Trade Offs of Working Abroad

Let's be honest - although some prefer the expat life, many international workers would rather stay and work at home if the wages made sense. For most of us, a temporary stint working overseas for extra savings to send international money transfers back home is a sacrifice that needs to be made to give our families a better future.

Many of us have our families back home, mortgages and bills to be taken care of. This means moving abroad and sending money home using an international money transfer service is the best solution for us.

Of course, the transfer service you use for this purpose can have a huge impact on how much you actually send home over the long run.

I work very hard for my money, and I don’t like having to pay a big fee just to send money overseas to my family every month.

One of my friends, who is also working away from home to send money to his family each week, told me about a great website called OrbitRemit and their transfer rates.

His monthly bill for four international transfers is cheaper than my monthly bill sending just one transfer!

I have been using OrbitRemit for a few months now and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to do an international money transfer.

OrbitRemit has low flat fees and they give really good service. It was so much quicker to use as well and I liked the layout of their website, making everything easier to read and understand.

I haven’t been sent any odd bills with extra charges or annoying emails like what has been experienced with other online money transfer services.

To be able to send as much money home as possible is the most important thing to many of us international workers and can be the main reason we are even in the country we are in.

I found other international money transfer companies tend to find ways to take an unnecessary amount of money through the process through ridiculous exchange rates and things like an additional fixed fee.

The website doesn’t take a big percentage of your money through transferring with them, they have low flat fees.